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Lobby / Front Counter Standard Hours of Operation

Daily 7 am to 9 pm

Holiday Hours Vary

Telephone: (626) 384-5656

General Information

Below is a list of many services provided by the Covina Police Department Records Division.  Many of these services can also be provided online.

Traffic Citation Correction Signoff:  Excluding holidays, Ticket signoffs occur Monday – Thursday: 7 am to 5 pm

Contest a Parking Citation: To contest a parking citation you can either complete a Request for Administrative Review Form (available in the police department lobby) or you may write a letter.  The completed Request for Administrative Review form or letter contesting the parking citation you received, may be returned to the Covina Police Department lobby or mailed to the address listed on the back of your citation.

Obtain a Copy of a Collision Report: To obtain a copy of a collision report, you must first complete and submit a completed request form, or write a letter and submit it as instructed.  Eligible report copies will be made available within ten business days of our receiving your request.

Obtain a Copy of a Police Report: To obtain a copy of a police report, you can either submit a completed request form (available at the Covina Police Department Lobby) or mail a letter addressed to the Covina Police Department Records Bureau requesting a copy of a police report.  Eligible report copies will be made available within ten business days of our receipt of your request.  The types of police reports not eligible for release include, but are not limited to, arrest reports and/or reports still open and under investigation.

Vehicle Releases: Release procedures and fees vary depending on the reason your car was impounded.  Impounded vehicles that are eligible for release, will only be released to the registered or legal owners, when vehicles are properly registered and insured, and a licensed driver is present to drive the vehicle.  Vehicles being held as evidence, or that are 30-day impounds, may not be eligible for immediate release.

Impound Hearings: The registered owner of a vehicle impounded for 30-Days may request an impound hearing.  Bring your identification in person to the lobby of the Covina Police Department.  Impound hearings are conducted by Covina Police Department Watch Commanders.  The Watch Commander will make a determination whether or not the impound was legal and proper in accordance with department policy and state law.

Registrants: Excluding holidays, Registrants are processed Monday - Thursday: 9 am to 3:30 pm. First time Sex Registrants must first contact the Sex Crimes Detective for an appointment before they register. Detective Palma can be reached at (626) 384-5621. All registrants should bring their identification with them to register.

Fee Schedule

Police Reports 10¢ (per page)

Log Item Entry 10¢ (per page)

Citation Sign Off $25

Vehicle Release (Non-Victim) $60

Vehicle Release for 30 Day Impound $189

Location (Address) History 10¢ (per page)

Visa Letter $25

Repossession Fee $15

Overnight Temporary Parking Pass $3 (per vehicle / daily)

Application Fee for Quarterly Parking Permit $25 per vehicle

Quarterly Parking Permit $17 for (3) months / per vehicle