On Line Reporting is temporarily suspended PDF Print E-mail
The Covina Police Department has transitioned to a new Computer Aided Dispatch / Record Management System.  As we transition to this system, our On-Line Reporting system will temporarily be unavailable.   

The Covina Police Department has implemented Online Police Reporting; a web based police reporting system that allows citizens to file police reports directly with the police department via the internet.

The program will allow a citizen to file the following specific reports:

Harassing Phone Calls Hit and Run Collisions
Identity Theft Lost Property
Theft Theft from a Vehicle
Vandalism Vandalism to a Vehicle
Unlawful Use of a Financial Card Child Custody Violation

There are three criteria that must be met when a citizen considers filing an online police report with the Covina Police Department.

1. There can be no suspect information

2. No evidence

3. No solvability

If any one of these exists, the online reporting system can not be used. In those cases, please contact the police department at (626) 384-5808 to request a call for service.

You can file a police report by clicking on the link below.


Definition: The unauthorized use of a check, credit card, social security number and or identification when the suspect is unknown.  Example: unauthorized purchases made on your credit card, someone other than yourself using your identity; internet scams and bank fraud.  When the suspect is known by the victim (not just a name on the account),  contact this Department by calling (626) 384-5808.

To report Financial Crimes / Identity Theft, FILL OUT THIS FORM.  Print, sign, and deliver the report to the following address:

Covina Police Department
Records Section
444 North Citrus Avenue
Covina, CA 91723