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In an effort to help find the anwer to common questions, the following FAQ's have been created to assist you.


I was arrested; when & how can I retrieve my property?

If property was booked as safekeeping, you have 60 days to make an appointment to pick up your property with the property technician by calling (626) 384-5645, send a written request to hold your property for additional 10 months or give written authorization for someone else to pick up your property.

My friend was arrested; can I pick up his/her property?

If your friend gives you written authorization to pick up his/her safekeeping property you can make an appointment with the property technician.

What happens to the property/evidence that is not claimed or returned to the owner?

It is destroyed, donated or auctioned per department policy.

Where is the property/evidence auctioned?

We use an online auction company.

I have my Department of Justice clearance for my firearm what do I do now to get my gun(s) back?

Call (626) 384-5645 to make an appointment with the property technician to put up your firearm within thirty days from the date of your DOJ clearance letter. You will need to present a locking case, valid identification and the DOJ clearance letter in order to receive your firearm(s) back. Department policy dictates you will have to return another day to pick up ammunition.

I came during business hours to retrieve my property and was told to come back later; why?

As there is only one property technician on duty it is important to make an appointment. At times the property technician can be away from her desk, in a meeting, in the field, away at training or out sick. By making an appointment you will not have to make repeat visits in an attempt to pick up your property.

What happened to my jewelry I was wearing when I was arrested?

Any small items you had when you were arrested are placed in your prisoner property bag and are returned to you when you are released from the jail. If you are transferred to court, LA County Jail, or the another Police Department’s jail, your property follows you. Check with the last facility you were released from.

Items were taken from me as evidence; how do I retrieve them?

The property technician can only release items taken as evidence with the investigating detective’s approval.

My car was impounded; can you release it to me?

The property technician does not release vehicles or motorcycles. You must contact records unit personnel at the front desk of the police lobby.

What information do you need from me to find my property?

The fastest way to locate your property is provide the property technician with the Covina Police Department’s case number, for example 10-9999. If you don’t have your case number the property technician can locate the case number with your booking number, your arrest number or your first and last name and date of birth.

What is "Give Graffiti the Brush"?"

Give Graffiti the Brush is a comprehensive program established by the City of Covina to combat graffiti in our community. It involves a multifaceted approach including public education, community involvement, collaboration between local governmental entities, schools and businesses, graffiti eradication and strict enforcement of graffiti related laws.

What do I do when I see graffiti in Covina?

When you see graffiti in Covina you may report it by e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you may call our hotline at (626) 858-4452. You will be asked to leave a recorded message telling us as specifically as you can where the graffiti is. You will also be asked to leave you callback telephone number in case we need to contact you for further information.

Can I be anonymous when I report graffiti?

Yes. Although we would like to be able to contact you if needed, you need not leave contact information.

If I leave my name and telephone number will it be kept confidential?


What do I do if I see somebody in the act of tagging?

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STOP OR IN ANY WAY CONTACT A GRAFFITI VANDAL. These vandals have been known to be armed and in a recent case in a local San Gabriel Valley city, taggers shot and killed a man that tried to stop them. While staying in a safe place (preferably where the tagger(s) cannot see you), call the police right away. Give the dispatcher as much information as you can about the crime. You will be asked for the location of the crime, description of the suspect(s), description of any associated vehicle and direction of travel if the suspect(s) leave. The Covina Police telephone number to use to report a crime in progress is (626) 858-4413.

Who removes the graffiti?

Graffiti in the City of Covina is removed by a private contractor who also removes graffiti in other cities including Azusa, West Covina and parts of Los Angeles County such as the unincorporated areas of Covina.

Who do I call if I see graffiti in another area such as County Covina?

To report graffiti in unincorporated areas of Covina call the Los Angeles County Public Works Department toll free at (800) 657-4357.

How is the graffiti removed?

Graffiti is removed from different surfaces in different ways. Previously painted surfaces will be painted with color matched paint. Unpainted porous surfaces may be cleaned via pressure washer, steam cleaning or bicarbonate soda blasting. Unpainted non-porous surfaces may be pressure washed with approved chemical/solvent treatments or cleaned via bicarbonate soda blasting..


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In an effort to help find the anwer to common questions, the following FAQ's have been created to assist you.


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