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Recently, the Covina Police Department updated some forms and they are now available online. For your convenience, instructions and/or checklists have also been provided. If you have any further questions, please contact Stephanie Stabio directly at (626) 384-5623 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  



Bingo Permit Application:  Bingo_Permit_Application_12.9.15.pdf

Bingo Permit Checklist:     Bingo_Permit_Checklist_12.9.15.pdf



Entertainment Permit Authorization: Entertainment_Permit_-_Authorization_-_Extended.pdf

Entertainment Permit Application: Entertainment Permit Part A Application.pdf

Entertainment Permit Instructions:   Entertainment_Permit__Instructions.pdf

Entertainment Permit Exhibit 1 Person: Entertainment Permit Part A Exhibit 1 Person.pdf

Entertainment Permit Exhibit 2 Corp: Entertainment Permit Part A Exhibit 2 Corp.pdf

Entertainment Permit Exhibit 3 LLC: Entertainment Permit Part A Exhibit 3 LLC.pdf

Entertainment Permit Exhibit 4 LP: Entertainment Permit Part A Exhibit 4 LP.pdf

Entertainment Permit Exhibit 5 GP: Entertainment Permit Part A Exhibit 5 GP.pdf

Entertainment Permit Exhibit 6 Questionnaire: Entertainment Permit Part A Exhibit 6 Questionnaire.pdf



Event Promoter Permit Authorization: Event_Promoter_Permit_-_Authorization_-_Extended.pdf

Event Promoter Permit Application: Event Promoter Permit Part A Application.pdf

Event Promoter Permit Instructions: Event_Promoter_Permit__Instructions.pdf

Event Promoter Permit Exhibit 1 Person:  Event Promoter Permit Part Exhibit 1 Person Extended.pdf

Event Promoter Permit Exhibit 2 Corp: Event_Promoter_Permit_-_Part_A-Exhibit_2_Corp_-_Extended.pdf

Event Promoter Permit Exhibit 3 LLC: Event_Promoter_Permit_-_Part_A-Exhibit_3_LLC_-_Extended.pdf

Event Promoter Permit Exhibit 4 LP: Event Promoter Permit Part A Exhibit 4 LP.pdf

Event Promoter Permit Exhibit 5 GP: Event Promoter Permit Part A Exhibit 5 GP.pdf

Event Promoter Permit Exhibit 6 Questionnaire: Event Promoter Permit Part A Exhibit 6 Questionnaire.pdf



Solicitor Permit Application: Solicitor_Permit_Application_12.2.15-_Extended.pdf

Checklist for Solicitor Permit Application: Checklist_for_Solicitor_Permit_App_12.2.15.pdf



The Covina Police Department’s Investigations Division, also known as the Detective Bureau, is comprised of nine full-time investigators (officers/detectives), a supervisor (sergeant), and a manager (lieutenant).  Some cases are initiated by detectives; however, more commonly detectives follow up investigations initiated by the patrol division and work these cases to conclusion.  Detectives often write search warrants and handle volumes of evidence in the course of their duties.  Detectives are also responsible for presenting cases to the District Attorney’s office for filing considerations.  Additionally, detectives work closely with outside agencies, such as other municipal and county agencies, Probation, Parole, Alcohol Beverage Control, and others, to accomplish their investigative goals.

Cases assigned to Covina Police Department detectives are generally divided into two categories; crimes against persons or property crimes.  Detectives handle crimes ranging from petty misdemeanors to murder, and everything in between.  The Investigations Sergeant is responsible for assigning cases to a specific investigator, who is then responsible for handling his/her cases to conclusion.

Cases with no leads, or victims not interested in prosecution, are suspended or closed.  Cases with identified suspect(s), witnesses, and victims interested in prosecution, are presented to the District Attorney’s office for filing considerations.  When the District Attorney files cases, and the cases are tried in court, detectives then take on the role of Investigating Officer (IO).  As the IO, a detective works side by side with the Deputy District Attorney during trial.  While each detective at the Covina Police Department may from time to time be expected to work all types of cases, the work load is most often distributed as listed below.


Economic Crimes Detective – Handles identity theft, fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, and embezzlement.

Property Crimes Detective – Handles thefts, grand thefts, burglaries, and vandalism.

Special Enforcement Team (SET) – Handles narcotics, tagging, and gang specific investigations.


Domestic Violence Detective – Handles the majority of domestic violence cases, as well as missing persons cases and court order violation cases.

Sex Crimes / Juvenile Detective – Handles crimes of a sexual nature, and matters involving juvenile victims and/or suspects.

Crimes Persons Detective – Handles mostly crimes of violence, such as weapons violations, battery, assaults with deadly weapons, murders and attempted murders.