The Covina Police Department’s Special Response Team (SRT), was formed in 2001 out of the need for a specially trained and dedicated group of officers who, acting as a team, work to bring about the safe and successful resolution of the most dangerous law enforcement incidents.  Team members receive ongoing training in the deployment of special weapons and the safe and effective use of police tactics. 

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics team was formed in the 1970’s and was commonly referred to by the acronym SWAT.  Since that time, there was a realization throughout law enforcement of the tremendous need to have a highly skilled and trained team of officers that could be assembled quickly to address a wide variety of police incidents.  These types of incidents include, but are not limited to, high risk warrant service, barricaded suspects, hostage rescue, and chemical agent deployment.

Currently 14 officers are assigned to SRT.  They include a Team Commander (lieutenant), Two Team Leaders (sergeants), and ten operators (officers), who have a number of specialized assignments within the team.  SRT members are selected through a competitive interview process.  To remain on SRT, members must participate and excel in regular ongoing training, maintain a high standard of work performance, pass all weapons qualifications, as well as pass an annual physical agility test.  SRT members are subject to call 24/7/365.