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Patrol activity is the hub of law enforcement operations. Officers actively patrol the City of Covina; all day, everyday, conducting self-initiated enforcement and responding to a wide variety of radio calls for service. Patrol operations are conducted in accordance with the Service Area Policing philosophy, in which accountability for activity falls under the management of the Patrol Division lieutenants.

Patrol Teams and Activity

The patrol division consists of six teams of officers led by a sergeant working a hybrid schedule. A hybrid schedule consists of half of patrol working four 10 hour days (4/10 schedule) and the other half working three 12.5 hour days (3/12 schedule) with one additional 10 hour day per month. The 4/10 teams work Tuesday through Friday, and the 3/12 teams work Saturday through Monday. This schedule ensures the department effectively staffs patrol operations, provides additional resources on the weekends, and reduces overtime costs. Implementation of this patrol hybrid schedule began in September 2009.

Patrol officers proactively conduct self-initiated enforcement, as well as respond to a variety of radio call activity generated by the community. Self-initiated enforcement includes traffic enforcement, pedestrian checks, and high visibility patrolling of business, residential areas, roadways and schools. Patrol officers are responsible for responding to emergencies, maintaining the peace, enforcing laws, investigating crimes, and documenting their activity through crime reports, interview cards, and citations. Officers also provide citizens with information on matters of criminal law and/or neighborhood and community issues.

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