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Library Cards

LIB-CARDDo you have a library card and want to access your account? Follow the instructions below:

Click on our library catalog here to access your account. Click on Login and enter your library card number and pin number to access "My Account." If you do not have a pin number, please contact the library at (626) 384-5303.

How Do I Get a Library Card?

To receive a library card you must fill out an application form and present acceptable identification in person at the Circulation Desk. There is no charge for a library card.


Library cards are issued to California residents with identification and proof of current address. Minors need a parent/guardian present to obtain a card. A current Covina Library card must be presented in order to check out materials.

Borrowing Privileges

Library cards entitle users to borrow from a full range of circulating materials (DVDs are checked out to adult cardholders only).


Adult applicants (18 years and older) must be present when registering for a library card. Minors, under age 18, must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who is required to sign the application, assuming financial responsibility for the minor. The parent/guardian must show appropriate identification.  The child must be present in order to receive his/her card.

Acceptable Identification

  1. An unexpired California Driver License stating the applicant’s name, current residential  address, and photo.
  2. An unexpired California Identification Card issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles stating the applicant’s name, current residential address, and photo.
  3. An unexpired California Driver License or Identification Card Certificate of Renewal with the applicant’s current address printed on the front along with expired driver license or identification card.
  4. An unexpired Consular Identification Card (Matricula Consular card) from Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, or other qualifying countries with your current residential address.

If your current address does not appear on your ID, we will accept one of the following for address verification: a current utility bill, paycheck, vehicle registration, or bank statement (virtual/online banks or personal checks) do not meet this requirement) issued within the last 60 days.

*We do not accept passports from countries except from the United States,  social security cards, employee ID cards, school or college ID, or generic ID cards.

For additional forms of identification that may be used and additional information on Special Circumstances and Vistor Cards, please click here: Covina Public Library Card Requirements

Who may use my card?

Library cards are not transferable. Each customer must use his/her own library card.

Lost Cards

Please report a missing card immediately to staff so a block can be placed on the account. The next time you visit the library, stop at the Circulation Desk and purchase a replacement card for $1. A new card number will be assigned to you and the old one will be deleted. Proper ID is required to obtain a replacement card. Minors without ID must be accompanied by the parent/guardian who is also the responsible party on his/her account.

Renewal of Library Cards

Your library card is permanent, but it must be renewed every two years.  Library cards can be renewed in person with proper ID. Accounts are deleted automatically after 3 years of inactivity.

Without Your Card

Proper identification with photo, name and current address is required to look up the record in the computer.

Cardholder Responsibilities

By obtaining a library card with the Covina Public Library, you are agreeing to abide by all policies. You are responsible for any materials checked out on your card, and you agree to pay overdue fines and lost or damaged book fees. You must inform the library immediately if your card is lost or stolen, since you are responsible for all materials charged to your account until we are notified and can block unauthorized use. You are responsible for notifying the library of any change of address or telephone number.

It is the responsibility of the library user to return library materials on time and in the condition in which they were borrowed.

Please bring your card when visiting the library.

Borrowing Limits and Loan Periods

 ** Library patrons are limited to a maximum of 25 items total checked-out.

Media Type Item Limit Loan Period
Books ** 3 weeks
Audio books 5 3 weeks
Magazines 2
(per title)
3 weeks
Pamphlets ** 3 weeks
Music CDs 5 3 weeks
Literacy Books 5 3 weeks
Interlibrary Loan 5 3 weeks
(determined by the lending library)

Rental DVDs - $1.50 per item/

$1 per item on Saturdays

5 1 week
Vacation loan for renewable books 6 weeks

*Magazines marked "library use only" do not check out

*Books marked as "Reference" are for library use only and do not check out

Most items may be renewed in person, online, or by phone one time for an additional 3 weeks with the following exceptions:

New adult books
Inter-library loan materials
Items that are on hold for another customer
Items that have already been renewed

Overdue Fees
Items that are kept past the due date are subject to the following fines:
Adult material overdue $0.15/day
Children's material overdue $0.15 /day
DVDs overdue $1.00/ day
All fees are per item. Fees are not charged for days the library is closed. 
Other Fees

Library Card Replacement $1.00
Lost/Damaged Library Materials -- Full replacement value plus processing fee
Processing Fee $4.00
Interlibrary Loan $3.00
Black and white copies and printouts .15¢/page
Color printout .50¢/page

How to Reserve Library Materials

If the books or other materials you need are not available when you visit the library, you may reserve or place a “hold” on them. A hold may be placed on circulating library materials by phone, on-line using a library card and PIN, or in person at the Circulation Desk. There is no charge for this service. However, there is a limit of no more than 5  requests at any one time per customer.

Claimed Returned Items

If a customer believes he/she has returned an item that is being billed as overdue, the customer should inform the Circulation Desk. Library staff will search for the item for 4 weeks but the item will remain on the customer's account until it is located.

If the item is found within the library all fines and charges associated with the item will be cleared and removed from the record. If the item is not found, the customer will be assessed replacement charges for the full value of the item plus a $4.00 processing fee. If the customer finds the item in their possession, they must return it with the overdue fee being assessed as of the date of return.


Courtesy reminder notices are sent via email 3 days prior to the item due date. Overdue and hold notices are sent via email, if an email address is included in the borrower's record, or mail. Billing notices are only sent by mail.

All notices are sent to the address on file. Library users must inform the library of any address changes to ensure proper receipt of notices.

The library does not mail notices for charges under the amount of $4.00. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

This service assists library users in obtaining materials that are not in the local library collection. Interlibrary loans come from other libraries throughout the country. Some items that are rarely available through the interlibrary loan service include: print issues of magazines and newspapers (microform copies are usually available); reference books; rare books and manuscripts (unless microform); best sellers and books less than one year old; computer software; textbooks. The library does not accept Interlibrary Loan requests for DVD's, CD's, or Videocassettes as most libraries do not lend these items out.

Interlibrary requests can take an estimated 2 - 6 weeks to fill. In some cases, the request may prove impossible to fill. Customers who use this service must have a Covina Public Library card in good standing in accordance with circulation policies. The fee for interlibrary loans is $3.00 per item, cash or check, paid at the time the item is picked up. The customer will be notified when the item is available for them and will be held at the Circualtion Desk for pick-up for 10 days. If the request is not fillable for any reason, the customer will be informed as soon as possible. If it is a “reference use/in library use only” item (rare or fragile books, for example) it will be kept at the Reference desk and may be used in the library only.